Full-Stack PHP Developer

With experience in front-end (HTML5, CSS3, Vue.js, Bootstrap, jQuery) and back-end (REST APIs, Laravel, PHP) I help create effective solutions for diverse web app requirements.


I have experience in HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript as well as front end libraries/frameworks such as Bootstrap, Vue.js & jQuery.


I use frameworks such as Laravel and bespoke code to create web solutions, including REST APIs, anxiety/depression symptom trackers, ecommerce platforms and more


As well as providing development services, I can also help you design performant relational databases using MySQL, MariaDB or any others.

Why choose me

Amongst all of the full-stack developers out there, why should you choose me?

Modern standards

Sometimes copy and pasting some jQuery plugins doesn't cut it. I can help create truly bespoke solutions based on requirements

Responsive Design experience

I make sure that all web projects look good accross all devices at no extra cost.

Timely project delivery

I make sure that projects is delivered within agreed timeframes.

Reliable & trustworthy

I have worked with many clients of varying size and on every occasion have made sure I exceed thier expectations.

Built with Scalability

I can help advise the best methodology to ensure your project grows with you.

One year support

Putting together is only part of the work, I always provide support to clients for at least a year and longer if required.

My Skills

For the majority of projects I am supplied designs/assets in PSD format and am then tasked to bring to life the said project. My paint brush for this purpose is CSS3 with the help of modern frameworks such as bootstrap.

PHP development

I have over 2 years experience in PHP development and morethan a year of this using Laravel. I also use tools such Composer for PHP dependancy management.


For web apps my framework of choice is Laravel because of it's baked in security and MVC structure which means the code is easy to maintain, refactor and unit test.

Front-end development

To get the best results i use morden techniques and practices such as SASS compilers like webpack and npm. I am also comfortable uning version control utilities such as git.

Database design

I have experience in normalising, designing and tuning relational databases for efficiency and performance.

Some of my work


Years experience




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Front-end Bootstrap & Vue.js
Backend laravel & MySQL

Laravel based site for one of Jamaica's leading contruction industry suppliers. Their leads increased by over 400% after the deployment of this website.

This is a simple php laravel based website whose only purpose is to funnel leads to this company that is based in Jamaica.

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AT Caring Services

Front-end Bootstrap
Backend laravel & MySQL

I was asked to create a new website by the proprietor of A&T Caring Services as their previous website was no longer bringing value to the company.

The main task was to build a website that is easy to update for a non techy person and also to process online applicants as they want to streamline their recruitment process.

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Front-end Bootstrap & Vue.js
Backend laravel & MySQL

This is a laravel based web application that has an enormous database of products and prices. that are updated daily. The script that does this is written in PHP7 and twice a day it downloads csv datafiles from affiliate websites and matches products by their mpn and upcs before updating merchant prices.

The site consists of a browsable list of properties, broken down into categories and tags, which the user can search for via various criteria. I developed various custom plugins to handle the search and storage of these listings including a members area, automatic PDF brochure generation and more.

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Front-end Bootstrap
Backend laravel & MySQL

This application is a nursing agency website that is based on a bespoke CMS system that I built on Laravel.

The functionality of is web app is multi faceted in that the owner of the site can post vacancies and process job applications on the admin panel.

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  • “Peter's constant attention to detail, relentless energy and ingenuity makes him a core member of our outsourcing team. He has a strong and positive work ethic that really does help gel our teams, this outwardly shows as all of our clients get the best joined up thinking, blending creative and technology with passion.“

    Andrew / AT Caring Sevices

  • “Peter has an attention to detail that is refreshing in programming/development. He acutely understands the purpose and effect the required technical development has on the business he works with. Ian has been one of the first developers I have worked with that has always delivered what he set out to, and in budget.“;

    Raoul /RojoHammer.com

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